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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FSCD program?


The Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) is an initiative in Alberta, Canada, designed to support families with children who have disabilities. Grounded in the Family Support for Children with Disabilities Act (FSCD Act) and the FSCD Regulation, the program collaborates with eligible families to:

  • Offer supports and services to aid parents in nurturing their child's growth and development.

  • Promote the child's active participation in both household and community activities.

  • Ensure parents continue guardianship, make informed decisions, and cover the typical costs of raising their child up to the age of 18.

  • Provide assistance with specific expenses associated with the child's disability.

FSCD is sponsored by the government of Alberta and falls under the supervision of the Ministry of Seniors, Community, and Social Services.

What is an account and how does it relate to FSCD?


An account, formerly known as MADI (My Alberta Digital ID), is a digital tool that provides secure access to various government services and information online. With this account, users can swiftly access and sign relevant documents, including those from FSCD. More details can be found at


How do Specialized Services (SS) differ from Behavioural Developmental Services (BDS)?


Specialized Services (SS): Contracts under SS can last up to 12 months, though the duration may vary according to individual family needs. Typically, this service involves a team of professionals, which might include speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, aides, and possibly psychologists or behavioural consultants. Physiotherapists can also be included based on specific requirements.


Behavioural Developmental Services (BDS): BDS contracts usually span 6 months and involve one or two clinicians. The inclusion of an aide is optional.


Both SS and BDS adopt a family-centric, play-based methodology. Throughout sessions, professionals teach and showcase strategies, assisting families in implementing them outside the session environment. It's essential for parents to be present and actively engage during these sessions.

Do you have a waitlist? Do you triage applicants?


Yes, we currently have a waitlist for all services except counselling, assessments, and respite groups. We are constantly working on expanding our teams and supporting more families. We do not triage clients.

Where do sessions occur?

SS and BDS sessions can occur in our office, at the client's home, virtually, and in the community. All counselling and assessments occur in our office.

What are Therapy Support Aides?


Therapy Support Aides provide weekly sessions to support with the implementation of strategies and modeling for the caregivers.


Their role consists of:

  • Implement and model the strategies outlined in the child's therapy plan (ISP/SPPP) 

  • Follow the directions of the Clinical Staff as they relate to program delivery 

  • Review and document the progress and implementation of each visit's strategies and report back to the Clinical Team 

The aide cannot 

  • Work on intimate self-care skills (dressing, bathing or toileting) without a parent/caregiver present 

  • Administer medication to the child 

  • Perform babysitting or respite services for a family whom they are currently, or have been, an aide

  • Have any member of the family in the Aide's vehicle for any reason

  • Help the child with academics, including homework 

  • Use physical restraints or provide discipline to a child

  • Provide families with their cell phone number 

Do you offer transportation?


We do not provide transportation

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